Bobby S BooksThe Bobby's Books program was created by Pam Krenzke, our colleague and friend, who died in January 2006. Pam devoted much of her time to Bobby's Books, a support program made up of literary resources. It was the loss of Pam's two sons, Bobby and Eric, due to a genetic disorder that fueled her compassion and her fire to improve one's journey at the end of life. She was determined to make certain that parents, educators, and caregivers of children would have a resource to help children deal with their loss and grief, a tool that she did not have available to her when Bobby and Eric were dying. 

Bobby Krenzke loved words, ideas, laughing and learning. He was born on August 6, 1985 and died on May 16, 1995. Bobby's Books was created in his memory and to fulfill his wish to make a difference in the world.  Since Pam's death in 2006, Bobby's Books has come under the direction of the LeadingAge Ohio. It is our intent to honor Pam's family and her legacy by continuing to nurture and grow this special program. Through this tragedy has come so much hope and healing for others. 

Childhood can be a wonderful time when a child embraces the joy of each day. Sadly, sometimes sadness, fear, illness and loss enter a child's life. If you know a child who had to make such a journey, would you know how to help?

One way is to use children's books to help kids deal with difficult issues, such as a childhood illness, death of a parent or grandparent, death of a pet or friend or even divorce and other family issues. Using children's literature as a springboard for conversations will give kids the chance to express their feelings and tell their own stories.

It is also important that children have access to a variety of books that show a broad range of emotions and feelings. This helps kids see that they can act independently, assume responsibility for their actions, tolerate frustration, approach new challenges with enthusiasm, and be proud of their accomplishments.

You and your child will both benefit.

The core of the Bobby's Books program is comprised of the following tools:

  • Educational Seminars,
  • Lesson Plans,
  • and a Bibliography list.

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Keep reading......keep talking....keep healing!

For more information on the Bobby's Books program, please contact Jennifer Taylor, Director of Member Experience, at 614-545-9028 or via email at jtaylor@leadingageohio.org



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